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E-Learning and You – Increase Your Salary – Advance Your Career

Upgrading your education with e-learning can mean more money and more job security for a more stable future. Whether you’re looking to move up or keep up with the changes in your industry, you can get your professional development completely online, allowing you to learn on your own time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that unemployment rate lowers and average earnings rise with every level of education you complete.

Average Weekly Earnings

  • Less than a high school diploma: $396
  • High school diploma or GED: $554
  • Some college, no degree: $622
  • Associate’s degree: $672
  • Bachelor’s degree: $900
  • You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job to Earn a Degree

    It can pay to educate yourself, and e-learning programs make education easier. If you love your job, you probably don’t want to quit in order to go back to school. Even if you’re looking for something more in line with your career, you might need to keep the job you’ve got while you take classes. E-learning is built for this kind of situation in mind.

    Benefits of E-Learning

  • Self-paced. Take as long as you need to complete your degree. Online learning is perfect for working professionals.
  • Supported Professors are experts in the field, and they’re often available by e-mail, online chat, and discussion board communication.
  • Funded Funded Apply online for government loans and grants to make your career development less financially painful.
  • If you’re feeling stuck in your current job, more education can give you the chance to improve yourself and move on to the job you really desire. Online learning moves at just the right pace for working professionals.