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Guam Community College

About the college:

Guam community college is a technical education training college established in the year 1977. The students generally prefer either a higher education in the technical side or go for a profession that suits their technical knowledge.

This training program is carried out in the four high schools coming under the management of Guam community. Besides these there are post secondary courses for the students running in their Mangilao campus. The total student strength of these institutions will count to around 2000.


The college proudly upholds the principles always to bring up equality in getting education. The college is opened to give knowledge to all sections of the society with all humanly barriers swept away. The students are taught to grow with the dedication and responsibility towards the community deep rooted in their mind. The meaning of knowledge is extended to include other courses like arts programs and adult basic education.

Courses and student loans:

There are around 50 courses offered in the college. The degrees are given as either certificate of less than one year or certificates of degree less than 2 years. The courses are mainly offered as semester wise courses. The college calendar is designed on this semester model. College loans are available to the students of the college through the college loans solution program. Online application for the loan is possible and the links are available in the internet.


The entire organization of the college is handed over to various offices within the college for the convenience of management. These divisions take care of the various issues of the students as a whole and are different from the usual way of separate handling for various issues.

Board of trustees:

The board of trustees is responsible for setting up the rules and regulations for the governance of the college. They select the President of the college based on the qualifications needed to be met for the post. They effectively handle the task of revising the academic programs and curriculum with effect to meeting the demands of Guam. The changes in the industrial and business life of Guam are thoroughly analyzed to bring in changes in the educational policies of Guam Community College.


The enrollment of students to the college is under different heads for the simplicity of handling the courses. The different ways in which they can be a part and parcel of the college are: for post secondary, adult high school program, English as second language, international students, apprenticeship and continuing education student. The necessary guidance for getting admissions to these sectors will be available in the links provided in the internet.